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I have practiced law in San Diego since 1973.

I have represented myriad clients for all matter of legal issues,

from drafting contracts for personal, real estate, construction, and other

business ventures; for civil litigation regarding personal or property damage, as

plaintiff or defendant counsel; on over five hundred driving under the influence

cases and myriad other criminal matters, including fights between surfers.

I am a licensed California Real Estate Broker.

My practice is now limited to:

1] contracts: their interpretation, drafting and litigation.

2] Real estate law, including breach of contracts, money owed to judgment

creditors, recorded lien claimants, recorded mechanic lien claimants, trust 

deed litigation, flipping houses litigation, and Home Owners.

3] Construction defect cases for homeowners and Contractors.

4] Personal injury cases, automobile, Bird Scooters, or other cause.

Contact me for a free confidential consultation, but we do not have an attorney-client

relationship unless we have both signed a written retainer agreement.


(c) James C. Weaver, California State Bar No. 58580