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I am a native of San Diego. I matriculated at San Diego Mesa College,

University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Santa Barbara,

and University of California San Diego, before graduating with a B.A. in English

from San Diego State University. I then graduated with a J.D. from Western

State University in San Diego in June 1973, took the California State Bar

Examination in July and was sworn into practice law in December 1973.


My first seven years of law I was on the court appointed panel for drunk driving,

all misdemeanors and minor felonies. I also litigated business disputes, collection agency

lawsuits and real estate matters.


My next decade of law was spent working with the Vietnamese community in

San Diego, emphasizing personal injury accidents, real estate and contract law.


I then spent about seven years representing a small NASDAQ brokerage firm

and its stock brokers. I represented them in approximately sixty cases involving

suitability of investments, fraud, misrepresentation, churning of accounts and

unauthorized trades. Every four months I would fly about the country, from New York in the

northeast to Florida in the southeast and several cities in between, to defend the company and

its brokers in client arbitrations. I also did real estate law and personal injury cases away from the firm.


Concurrent with this and following my separation from the brokerage house, I practiced

entertainment law, specifically low budget motion pictures and the attendant contractual

and production matters that are involved in the film making process.

Subsequent that period I began to represent construction contractors in litigation

involving alleged construction defects, business clients and real estate clients with issues

regarding purchase and selling of residential properties.


I have been a California Real Estate Broker for five years, representing clients in the

sale and purchase of homes. Now I represent clients in suing real estate brokers

for fraud and negligence; and stock brokers for malfeasance, unsuitability, fraud

churning, misrepresentation, selling away and elder abuse.

My paralegal is from Russia. She speaks her native language and English.



(c) James C. Weaver, California State Bar No. 58580