My work is a living history of several individuals that survived the Apocalypse

---only to  slip into my dreams to confront one another and the new world chaos.


The First Book deals with the destruction and decimation of the inhabitants of the town

of La Jolla, the State of California, the former United States of America.

This book is titled, Once a Village.

Jack Fluke writings


The Second Book deals with the ramblings of the La Jolla tribe

into the vasty environs encompassing Los Angeles County.

This book is titled, Tribe Errant.



The Third Book deals with the reunion of the main protagonist with the spirits

of his mother and father and ancestors in the Four Corners area

of the American Southwest. This book is titled,  Myrrh & Frank.


Jack Fluke writings


I have minted my words t0  enlighten and entertain you,

to pique your imagination and draw you into my world,

our world, where you will recognize or discover, the good,

the bad, the beautiful and  the ugly of humanity.


The writings contained herein are but a fiction, a dream of passion.

Any resemblance to actual events or people is merely coincidental.

© 2019 James C Weaver