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Whether legal or real estate questions, the initial consultation is free.


If you want to sell or purchase a home in San Diego County, you have come to the right place to select me

as your broker. I am your fiduciary and I owe you the highest duty to look out for your best interest.

I work on a commission basis and am paid only if the transaction closes. If I believe the transaction is not

in your best interest, I will recommend that you not consummate the deal.

My representation of You as the Seller

To represent you in Selling your home, I receive a 2.0% commission or $6,500, which ever amount is greater.

My representation of You as the Buyer

To represent you in Buying your new home, I receive a 2% commission.


You need me as your broker because:

1. I have a wealth of experience in all areas of real estate from my legal background.

I have represented numerous people in real estate matters, from landlord tenant to claims against

their brokers.  These include the interpretation of contracts and how they may effect your legal

rights and impose duties upon you which an ordinary real estate broker has no clue about. You

may be obligating yourself to extraordinary duties and costs because of an ignorant broker.

Ask relevant, material questions of your broker to see if he or she actually knows what they

are talking about beside the sale price and their commission. Ask them about covenants running

with the land, easements affecting the neighbors, height limitations, construction issues, hidden

defects in the property that must be disclosed and what you need to do to protect yourself.

2. I worked my way through law school as a part time real estate sales person under my mother's

tutelage. I know the industry. I learned the ethical duties owed to a Client from an early age.

3. As a lawyer, I know the fiduciary duties that a real estate broker owes to his Client, including:

You must look out for your client's best interests and put their interest above yours.

From representing Clients in their disputes with real estate professionals, I know that

there are numerous real estate professionals that have no idea of their fiduciary duty.

These agents place their interests above their clients. They leave out certain information

that might effect your decision to enter into the transaction, to "earn" their commission.

4. I am quite familiar with the San Diego neighborhoods, being a native of our town.


Whether legal or real estate questions, the initial consultation is free.

 But this does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and my office.

That occurs only when we have both executed a client retainer agreement that describes

the legal services to be provided and the consideration to be paid for the services.

Thank you - Jim Weaver


(c) James C. Weaver BRE Broker License No. 01910289