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Whether legal or real estate questions, the initial consultation is free.


I have been a lawyer in San Diego for over forty years.

At the present time I accept Clients for the following services.

1. Drafting, interpreting and litigating contracts. I have drafted contracts

since first becoming an attorney in 1973. If you need an attorney to interpret

your contract, I can tell you its reasonable meaning. If you feel someone has

breached a contract with you, such as failure to pay money due, or failure to

perform a certain act, then contact me to protect your rights. I have represented

Clients in contract actions against vendors, businesses, real estate agents, stock brokers.

2. Civil litigation to recover money and other damages for personal injury

and/or property injury sustained as the result of negligent or intentional acts

of another person or entity.  Remember, if you are in a traffic accident with

someone who has no automobile insurance, you may recover money from your

own insurance company for your injuries. Also, if your damages are greater

than the other person's insurance policy limits, your insurance company may

pay you the difference between the other insurance payment and your damages.

3. Construction defect cases regarding residential homes. I represent either the

home owner or the contractor or subcontractor. I have retained a General

Contractor of thirty years+ experience as my expert witness.

4. Driving under the influence and other misdemeanor vehicular violations

I have accomplished approximately 35 jury trials, criminal and civil.

I have accomplished over 125 bench/Judge trials, criminal and civil.

I have accomplished approximately 25 civil arbitrations.

I have participated in over 75 mediations.


Contact me for a free confidential consultation, but we do not have an attorney-client

relationship unless we have a written retainer agreement signed by you and me.

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